Difficult decisions

I intended to publish another post today, but this one has somehow jumped the queue. (There is actually no queue, but but it’s handy to recall how to write the word ‘queue’ — ridiculous spelling isn’t it?!) Does this look like I am avoiding to write about difficult decisions? Continue reading

DE-sign yourself

I know hardly anything about design except that I am a designer. I have made a few things in my life, and now I am trying to remake the very life of mine – of who I am and what I do. This personal re-creation project is to some extent inspired by the maker culture in its critical mode (if these terms are new to you and you wish to learn more, you can check this out and then hear this podcast). In other words, I am trying to DIY myself against the odds, and I hope that rambling about it may help me, and perhaps may inspire some of you out there.

By the way, ‘DE-sign’ in the title of this post is not a typo. Continue reading

Surely, we do need education

But what kind of education? Education for what kind of life? Education for what kind of society?

We don’t need no education!‘ sings Pink Floyd in an iconic song that unexpectedly landed at my recent ‘manifesto post‘. I read this line as a call to reject oppressive authority and developmental violence, and only in that interpretation this line fits into my universe-in-creation (along the fact that I love Pink Floyd).

We do need education, of course. And, of course, I think that excellent education, free at the point of use, is essential for a good society. However, looking back at years and years of studying and working within formal systems of education, one starts to wonder if the education is there to make us less alive and more fitting to systems that don’t really serve us.  Continue reading