Give it a try

I made it this morning! Against the odds. I made an egg stand.

A standing egg
A standing egg

Yup and Yolk, an egg standing elegantly on its own, on the floor, in the middle of my bedroom — no suspension, no glue, just a pure magic of the real!

I didn’t even try hard. I just tried, for the sake of trying — playing, actually.

A week ago, I wouldn’t believe this was possible. To stand an egg. I didn’t even know what was the meaning of that expression.

During an improvisation dance workshop on Monday this week, we were instructed at the beginning of the workshop to pick an egg from egg cartons provided for the workshop, and to stand it somewhere in the dance studio.

‘Let’s see how many of you will manage to stand an egg’, said the instructor.

‘Sorry, I don’t understand this. What do you mean by standing an egg?’, I had to ask, after a mini silence. It seemed that everybody except me knew what he was talking about. I though it must have been my English. I am still learning it after all. But the meaning was actually literal. He meant what he said. The instructor wanted us to put an egg on the floor or anywhere in the studio, so that it stands vertically, on its own.

‘O—K.’ I thought, ‘What a weird and impossible task’, but let’s see what I can do about it. I tried and failed repeatedly and unsurprisingly. I looked around, others were trying too, and failing to my great relief (I am sad to admit that, but it’s somehow easier to fail collectively). From the place where I was sitting on the floor, I couldn’t see anybody managing to do this ‘eggstand’ without some suspension, so my ‘theory’ was kind-of-proved. An egg cannot stand.

But then, as we started moving through the studio, I saw at least two eggs standing in a perfect balance with the rest of the world, with all of us in it, moving and dancing around. It felt like a miracle. A perfect stillness in the middle of motion. So, I learned that what I though was impossible was actually quite possible. I didn’t know how, but I was sure from that moment that it was possible. Theory revised. An egg can stand.

And voilà! This morning, the miracle happened right in my room. Not just that an egg can stand, but it’s me who can make this happen. And here it is, a little, ordinary, free range egg, still standing still on my floor as I am writing this to you!


I hope you enjoyed the story, and you will remember it every time you think something is impossible. If you would like to read another story about unexpected victories and miraculous events, have a look at my recent post Sudden landing to London, or the one from last summer on Celebrating 40.338 km of freedom.

By the way, this whole event with an egg standing in my room and me taking photos of it, happened before I learned about the WordPress’s Photo Challenge of the week, Against the odds, for which this post is a response to. What a coincidence! Totally against the odds.


P.S. Since I made this blogpost,  four and a half years has gone by… I am now a Yoga Teacher and was busy setting up my little business. The will continue evolving and exploring how to redesign ourselves, and I may even offer some coaching on that topic soon. In the meantime, if you would like to improve your balancing postures in Hatha Yoga or learn to practice Yoga from scratch, please visit All classes take place online at the moment, so you can join us from anywhere in the world.

Please note that all photos on this blog belong to my personal collection with all rights reserved. If you are interested in licensing some of them, please get in touch.

6 thoughts on “Give it a try

  1. So funny! and quite an achievement! I have stood an egg on a peg before, it’s one of the experiment they have you do at the Line 0 Museum in Ecuador, right on the Ecuador Line. Supposedly, it’s the only place on Earth an egg can stand on a peg, since the gravity pulls with equal forces on both sides. But I can see it is possible somewhere else, without the peg! 😉

    Good job on your patience!

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    • Thank you, I am glad you had fun reading this! And thank you so much for sharing the story about the Line 0 Museum. I didn’t know about this. Just googled it, and saw a photo of the egg on a peg 🙂 So now we know – Ecuador is Everywhere, as far as ‘eggstand’ is concerned 🙂

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