This blog is about freedom, love, health and design – and of course, about the adventures from the space travels!

I started writing this in the summer of 2016, while conducting an experiment in reconstructing my life after a year long recovery from what smelled like a serious burnout. At that point when I re-established the connection to myself and the world (and converted all money into energy!), I felt I wanted to share some of my experiences and thoughts about healing, traveling, and anything that seemed relevant to refurbishing one’s own life. I also wanted to use this site for playing with ideas on what to do with the ‘new me’ and passions I discovered (or recovered) in my big year of wanderings and wonders − hoping that writing publicly would help me see things clearer, and maybe inspire others too.

And this adventure continues…

Welcome to the MairikO Lab for redesigning life!

To get the best of the enfolding story I suggest you start reading from here.


Please note that all photos on this blog belong to my personal collection with all rights reserved. If you are interested in licensing some of them, please get in touch.

4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Great work, congratulations. You were very quick. I started looking for new things so many times in the last few decades and the current place I’m at started several times, perhaps as long as 15 years ago. Early last year, after living on a combination of very little and absolutely nothing since 2008 I became completely bankrups and virtually unemployable, just when I was about to become a father for the second time. But a few days before the boy was born everything changed, and it feels like I am in a place I would never have looked for, but feel great contentment to be in. I’m amazed you can get so far in just a few years. But maybe this blog will record the many changes you have yet to make; I hope so. xxx

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    • Thank you for your comment, Simon. I am glad things worked out well for you in the end! Everyone’s journey is different, I guess. I am also curious about where I am heading to and how this blog will evolve by following the tides of inspiration… X


  3. Са срећом! Паметнима се увек нешто нађе. Идеје су у овом црнилу светлост! Напред у реализацију! Честитам!

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