Another brick off the wall learning to jump

At the very end of 2013, I hit a brick wall. Tried to get through. My body started shouting. And then I realised that some walls are not worth breaking, some worlds not worth fixing.

When you are repeatedly told that what you do is excellent and you should do more and more of it, while your life is not getting any better but worse and worse, there is something seriously wrong with your environment. Or with you. They tried to make me believe the second, I had a feeling it was the first.

In August 2015, I turned around and walked away. Another brick off the wall learning to jump, fly and dive!

This dense and precious year of healing and travelling is coming to an end, and now is the time for making and remaking.

This blog will document some of the inner and outer journeys I made during this big escape of mine. I will use it to look back and forth, as a kind of a lab for redesigning my own life. I plan to play in it with ideas of freedom, love, health and design. There are a few ideas in the air, but no protocols to follow and no prototypes to test. A freestyle ride to unknown destination.

You are very welcome to join me in this experiment. Pink Floyd is here to help.


2 thoughts on “Another brick off the wall learning to jump

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